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Hey all.
Was wondering is it possible to put 4-5gen multimedia in gen 3 Mazda ? The main thing I want in my Mazda android auto. I tried hacked version of Android auto. But it's disconnected a lot of times to me that pisses to me too much, especially when you driving , using gps and suddenly when you need to take a turn somewhere after 1 min it's just disconnects or screen comes back to Mazda connect and frozens... As I read Mazda 5 gen already have android auto, how about Mazda 4 gen ? And is it possible to install it in gen 3 ?
You can buy a genuine factory kit for gen3s. It's a new usb module and 2 cables. You'll also need to update firmware to at least version 70 before you install it too.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts