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Mazda 3 2016 TPMS and ABS light on

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I recently bought a used Mazda 3 2016 iSport and the TPMS light starts blinking for a few seconds and stays on and ABS light is always on. I went to the dealer and they said I need to replace ABS module but gave the part number as BHP1-57-K30A which comes up as SDM module. I am confused if its the SDM or ABS module which needs to be replaced. Error codes retrieved are U0415 ad U0452. Thanks in advance.

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I know it’s and old post but hopefully it helps someone!
Mine did the same thing randomly whenever it felt like it usually leaving it overnight reset it’

turns out it was my brake light switch’ don’t ask me why but also seem many others break switch fixed it’

look behind brake petal there’s a cylinder that has one wire harness and 1 clip holding it in’ pop it out and you’ll see basically when u tap brake pedal it compresses that switch into a piece of metal making the little pin on brake light switch go in or out that’s what triggers brake light’

so simple and so dumb’ why it affect Tpm and tcs/ abs I have no idea’ but bought A new oem brake light switch on Amazon was like $28 prolly $40 now in 2022 lol but it’s a 3 min easy Replacement never had it happen again

u could also try tapping your brake a bunch the little pin could be stuck but most likely u need a new brake light switch
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