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I have a 2010 Mazda 3 GT 2.5 Litre. I've had electrical issues since I bought my car a little over 2 years ago (from a Mazda dealership, to boot), such as parasitic battery drainage, and it had a few problems that they did not diagnose when they sold it to me. They actually made me pay for them to do a maintenance package AFTER I bought the car when I came to them with a couple of problems. Thus, I refuse to deal with the dealership as they want to charge me too much money to fix any issue (telling me that spark plugs would be a $300 repair. yeah, no go f-- yourself), and did not fix my actual problem it when it was under warranty. I took it to them constantly and they always came up with inconclusive diagnostics, and that my car was "Fine".

Now, I am having more problems than I thought I had. Replaced the battery, still had drainage. it feels like the car struggles when accelerating, especially up a hill and the fuel economy is crap now due to this. It feels like it could be the MAF sensor failing or needing cleaning, but I don't know if my problems are related or not, as now I have some more issues popping up.

This morning when I went to start my car to go to work, the car was "freaking out" it seemed, intermittently, locking and unlocking continuously, but only on the passenger side. I did not touch the key fob for it to do this. I shrugged it off as something odd, and drove to work with my daughter to wait for the babysitter.

When I got to work, the car decided it would not shift out of park. The push-start button was red instead of green. I could get it to shift by pushing down on the shift lever that you can access in the shifter, but I realize, of course, that it is not safe to drive a car that is locking out like this as there is probably a reason it doesn't want the car to drive.

I need my car to get my daughter to childcare and to get to work, but I fear this will be an insanely expensive repair. What could possibly be going on? is this a fuse box issue?

UPDATE: Brake pedal sensor was causing the car to not be able to shift out of park. working sometimes. Definitely an electrical issue.
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