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Hi. I have recently (couple weeks) bought a second hand mazda 3. I haven't used it yet apart from getting it home. During the drive there was no problem. It's been parked down since I bought it home. A couple days ago I heard some random beeping noises. It sounds weird but it seems coming from the left side as it would come from the tank. When I tried to open the door with my keys it didn't let me although it did before. I could only open it mannually. I can't open the back at all, it doesn't let me. The tyre at the back left side (the noise comes from somewhere there by he way) is really down but i have a lifter there to keep it up. I can't even start the engine. It doesn't work at all.. I have no idea what is going on with it but it drives me crazy. The previous owner siad its being parked for a 1-2 months but it must be more than that although i have no idea if that effects the whole problem at all. I am not an expert in cars neither my girlfriend.. but i was thinking about the battery or tyre pressure although since the ignition can't be put on at all i have absolutely no idea..
(sorry for the language, english is only my second language)
Thanks for any help it would be really appriciated.
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