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Ok so after weeks of lurkin’ the forums, field research, and pretty much waiting for a good deal, this happened: DCC955F0-8D97-4B8D-8B5F-1A3C1815E46F_1537247308253.jpeg

Wheel specs | Tesla Model3 standard wheel option: 18x8.5 et40 (had to machine the center bores as they come 64.1)
Tire specs | 225/45/18 Pirelli Cinturato P7
Suspension | Stock
Fenders rolled/pulled already? No
If not... willing to roll/pull your fenders? Yes

For now I prefer the look with the Aero Covers on since “Monique” isn’t lowered, yet. Though here they are off : 7AC42D21-8A1A-4680-8128-BD4DAD889EBF_1537249794875.jpeg

Shout out to all and any who posted anything and everything regarding wheels offsets, tire sizes, centerbore specs, etc! (I’d tag you but I don’t know how to yet!)



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