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magnaflow header?

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So I have been looking into headers for my 2011 2.5 mazda 3, but very hesitant on upgrading them because I live in California and of course having headers it won't pass smog. However, I found a magnaflow header that has an integrated CAT so it might pass smog. But i have not read any reviews on it and could not find anything about it. So if anyone has any experience on this that would be appreciated.

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That could be possible that its too new to have reviews. If anything I may take a chance on it. Or contact magnaflow and see if they have any dynos or anyone who has had experience with the headers.
I went ahead and emailed them and this is what they said, " Part number 51440 is a FEDERAL DIRECT-FIT catalytic converter. It is not a performance header" I guess that answers our questions haha
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