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Here are official guidelines all should follow if you are willing to participate in a GB. Please read this head to toe depending on the role you play in a group buy.


Any group buys must comply with the VerticalScope Terms of Service agreement and the Market Place rules. This means group buys and any other solicitation of forum members to purchase merchandise that is otherwise available commercially from a retail outlet or non-commercially from any other source needs specific authorization in writing from the forum owners. Any such authorization must be presented in the initial group buy announcement.

Market Place rules here:

TOS agreement here:
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Organizers are the focal point for Group Buys. They can either be the contact for a company that is willing to sell an item in bulk, or be the person selling items themselves. Here's the steps you must follow if organizing a GB:

1) First and foremost, you MUST be an active member on these boards. 50 is the minumum to sell items to other members, but I'd say you must have at least 100 posts to start a GB. We are trying to prevent scams that could jeapordize this great upcoming forum from being trusted in the future for transactions. If you are already an approved vendor here, posts don't matter.

2) You can only start a group buy thread here if the the item(s) are in your (or someone you know) possession and have been designed. If you are 'talking' to an outside vendor, or a supplier of items for Mazda(Speed) 3's, create a thread elsewhere to gain interest. NO 'GAINING INTEREST' THREADS SHOULD BE POSTED HERE.

3) You are allowed to request potential buyers put down deposits to ensure they are a legit customer and prevent less people from backing out at the last minute. You can also inform potential buyers that desposts are non-refundable at your discretion.

4) Please give a deadline to when people can put a deposit down or pay in full. The thread will remain open until everyone has received their item after payment. Afterward, similar group buys must be made in a new thread. (Labeled something like "Round 2"). If any problems occur after the GB is over, you should respond to people's private messages within a timely matter to resolve the issue.

5) Communication is ideal! You must keep an active communication in your thread and PMs, or give someone else the details on the status of people's orders. If you do not think you will be able to communicate with potential buyers in a large timeframe (vacation, etc), please think about posting the group buy at a later date.

6) IMPORTANT! As with any other sale, you must post a picture of the item for sale, what car(s) it will fit, and whether or not modifications are needed. You are not responsible for showing people how to install the item, but finding guides elsewhere will be very beneficial to the transaction.

7) Lastly, keep a list of all the interested buyers in your original post. Keep track of everyone who has paid in full or put a deposit down. Such as:

1- Alexaspeed (2004 Lava Orange S Sedan) - PAID IN FULL, ITEM SHIPPED

If you have multiple items in your group buy, make sure you put in the list what they are buying (i.e. "Size XL Blue Teeshirt)

TAKE NOTE: You may be prevented from starting GB's in the future if admin actions needed to be taken in past Group buys you have hosted.


As mentioned above, all threads here will consist of actual group buys being organized. Please follow the guidelines below to prevent suspension of your account or prevent you access to group buys in the near future.

1) This section is not to gain interest for a group buy. That should be done elsewhere in a Vendor's section or likewise.

2) Questions are more then welcome in regards to the item or items in the group buys. They help to answer the same question others may have, but are too 'scared' to ask. However, it would be wise to check previous group buys regarding the same item before posting a question as someone most likely answered it for you there. You will know if a GB already was made on this item previously by the title (Round 2,3,4,etc).

3) Deposits and payment are usually decided by the seller or OP. Most transactions are done through paypal or money orders. Each group buy will have their own guidelines as how to successfully pay for the group buy. Some will ask for deposits only initially, especially if the item isn't produced or hasn't arrived yet (such as lips for front bumpers). Please read over all pages of the group buy as it may pertain important information you need to know to purchase the item. The OP should put all needed information in their first post of the GB thread. As a reminder, once you put your deposit down more times then not you will not be able to get a refund. Your deposit is binding you into an agreement to pay for the item, You are hurting the GB if you back out. If you feel the GB has gone on too long without any progress, you can request via Private Message to a moderator/admin that deposits be returned to those who feel the GB has been delayed too long.

4) When purchasing an item, make sure to include your full name, address, and forum name in the purchase. You can add it in the additional info in Paypal for instance:

5) Flaming will not be tolerated. Not every transaction goes smoothly, and problems may arise with a seller or buyer. If you had problems with a GB or regular internet sale with the person organizing this group buy, please do not spam the GB with useless posts as to why noone should buy from him. This also includes those who constantly want an update daily. This will cause for immediate temporary suspension from this area of the forums at a minumum. If you want to share your experiences, private message a moderator about it and we will watch the GB very closely. You may post in there about how long items took to ship if the OP is not responding, as long as it helps answers others' questions. We will appreciate your feedback (- or +) via PM of the seller as it helps us in offering you successful group buys.

On the same note, if you had a great experience with the seller and want to recommend it to people, you may do so in that group buy. It will definitely help the group buy move along smoother.

6) Please READ the first post of the group buy constantly! Updates will be applied to it throughout the transaction and will help to cut down on spam.

7) If you had purchased the item or the thread was locked before you received the item, PM the seller and a moderator to inform them of updates. If a thread was locked for a violation on the seller's part, we will do whatever we can to have the OP refund your deposit and/or payment. All refunds or DOAs have to be made via PM to the seller.

TAKE NOTE: Multiple violations of these rules could result in an inability to purchase items in future group buys.

Any group buys inactive for 30 days or more will be closed as part of a new marketplace rule. Once a policy is confirmed they will also be deleted.


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