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Lowering the 3 with SCBA tech

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I asked CS the question listed below and got this reply. Very good of CS to respond. I wish they had an option for less drop. I assume if Smart city Braking Assist works correctly with a 2" drop, it should also work with less drop, like Eibach.

"Your question: The shop manual says not to alter the suspension height if you have the Tech Package with Smart City Braking Assist (SCBA) because it can cause the system to not operate or to brake when it should not. Have you done any testing with a 3 with SCBA to see that it works correctly with lowered suspension?
Answer: We have been running the springs on several vehicles equipped with the SCBA system and it function correctly.
Product: CORKSPORT 2014+ Mazda 3 Lowering Spring Set "
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ooo lala...just the words i want to hear!! =)
I definitely concur with you, i would love to give CS my business but the lowering is a bit too much.
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