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Hey everyone, Im pretty new to working on cars and im learning as I go so pardon me. I have a 2010 Mazda 3 itouring that I lowered 2 years ago with my friend with some D2 coilovers. The coilovers didn't come with camber plates at all. I was recently paying more attention to how my car handles given that's its winter and such and been wondering if there are some suspension mods I could do to it to strengthen the car for better handling?

Ive noticed, for example, that when I get off a highway ramp, my car doesn't handle super well on turns like that so I thought maybe I would need a sway bar? I saw corksport has a front bar that's made to help with alignment and make the care more rigid. Would I need that or something else? like a rear sway bar? Im just looking for what I can do to make handling a bit better and solidify the suspension.

Also, would I need camber plates or would I be good with camber arms for the front to adjust camber? Like I said im new and not sure what I would need so I appreciate the help.


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A lot of people seem to think that just throwing on coilovers will instantly make their car super grippy, but with coilovers comes tuning. You need to figure out what spring rates, damper settings, and sway bars work for whatever wheel and tire setup you have. Camber plates also help as well because there's no other way to set camber on these cars.

Also, it helps to be more descriptive when it comes to "doesn't handle super well." Is it plowing? Understeering? Unresponsive? Sliding? Is it a suspension grip issue or a tire grip issue? What I'd recommend (if possible) is go to a racetrack for an HPDE day and figure out what your car's not doing that you want it to do, and then maybe we can help guide you in the right direction for tuning. There's a whole lot to suspension tuning lol.
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