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So this morning when driving to work I got my front lower bumper cracked and the splash guard underneath shattered by a careless dog.

So the story: going down a road I usually take to work going at about 35-40 mph and down the road I see 3 guys about 100 yards on the left waking and a dog running around trying to play with them and causing a car on the oncoming lane to stop because it kept running onto the road and on the right side of the road (my side) there is a house with 4 other dogs behind a fence trying to get out too and be with the 3 gentlemen. Also there was a car parked next to said fence. Anyways I'm leisurely driving down at 35-40 and by the time I had reached the 3 men and the parked car blocking the fence a dog darts out in front me causing me to hit it!

I went 5 yards before stopping and looking back to see the dog I hit running around the fence and toward the guys. So the dog seemed fine.

By the time I got to work I inspected the car and I already knew my bumper was broken but the splash guard was shattered.

I'm not really mad about the bumper since I'll just plati dip it to cover the minor crack. I don't know how to feel relieve because the dog is okay or angry for my car?

So my question is where can I get a replacement lower engine splash guard? The dealership quoted 130-180 yeah...
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