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hi forum.

i went to the shop to get a service done( cx-3 2016), and removed the sdcard. I've made it by following the "steponedownloadnng" usb-friendly way. Sadly i have trown it away now. I's gone.
I bought a fresh new one from ebay, 2020 maps. But the navi tells me it's an invalid sdcard.
Is there a workaround for getting this new card to work. the car has run 75000km.
I found the old diy posts, but none of the dl. are available anymore :( (would have try'ed it from the beginning again)


cx-3 2016 59.00.230 EU N

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti O
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When you installed a home-made card, you made some changes to the firmware files, now you can’t accept other cards except for the lost one.
There are two solutions:
1) Return the original file.
2) Update firmware
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