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Looking for new tires

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Hey everyone,

Well I've got 3 out of 4 factory tires on my car left and they're creepin up to 60,000 kms. I'm throwing the winters on tomorrow, then I want to take my stock wheels in for some new rubber.

I have no idea what to get as I haven't owned a car, or a nice car for many years. My last nice car was a 2001 GSR, and that was brand new, man I feel old haha.. Anyway, I replaced the stock rubber with falcon ziex I believe. It's been about 15 years... but what I do remember, they were wicked tires for what they were and the price. I think $125 a corner if I recall correctly. I do remember being able to take on/off ramps at ridiculous speeds, and sticking nicely.

Im thinking about going the same route, because I really liked them, but like I said I haven't paid attention to this kind of stuff in years. Anyone running the falcons? Or something similar?

Another idea I had, was to get a summer tire, and just use the winters in the cooler weather. If you live in the Vancouver area, and this is how you roll, what's your take on this? Too much rain for summer tires?

Cheers guys
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The problem with many factory tires on sporty cars is that they come with high-performance tires which, while while fantastic including holding corners like great glue when in warm/hot weather, they get hard and lose a lot of grip starting at 40 degrees and below, becoming almost like you are driving are on ice below 30 degrees.

I live within 60 miles of where you do Babayaga and as you know, they are talking about nighttime temps in the 20's in a few days and even snow. Hence, on my two super sports cars, just changed the wheels/tires from my summer high-performance ones to winter tires this weekend.

I never buy tires without first doing extensive research on TireRack, including looking at their comparative video tests. After that, choose my tires and after doing research on that site for a couple of decades, including considering customer reviews, always been pleased with the tires I have bought from them. And many times one can do your research there, choose the tire for you and then take their pricing in writing to your local tire dealer, and/or including Discount Tire, and get them to match that pricing for the specific tire you have chosen.

Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels

If you wish more help, please feel free to PM me, for I know tires by now.
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Two great tire recommendations arathol for high-perf all season rubber. Probably going to choose one of those two when I get replacements for the factory equipped tires.
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