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Hello! I am desperately hoping that someone here in the West Palm Beach area has any experience swapping out the stock CD/AM/FM headunit for one of the fancy touch screen DVD/CD/AM/FM headunits?

I am willing to pay someone good money to help me with this. I have swapped many car radios for AM-FM-CD headunits in the past, but no experience with a unit of this caliber.

If you think you can help me, please feel free to call me directly:Five Six 0ne - Six Nine 0ne - Five 5 One Four or you can PM me here OR via my direct email: ChckrdDmn AT gMail.com. (My real name is Richard)

I will provide you with all the pizza and beer you can stomach plus a reasonable amount of cash 0:)

Please help if you possibly can, I've recently been diagnosed with cancer and I'm finding it more and more difficult to summon the energy for such a task.

Alternatively, if you can provide the contact info. for a professional shop that can do the job without raping my wallet I would be most appreciative!!


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