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We don't need a fourth car, but I couldn't pass this 05 manual sedan up after I saw it on Craigslist and the guy was practically giving it away. I didn't find out until after I had it home and researching that it's the sought after (haha) SP23 trim, which has the 2.3 engine and exclusive goodies like two-tone leather, heated seats, nice Bose audio, rain sensing wipers and some other stuff. The rear wheel wells and rockers are super rusty but the underbody seems ok.

Even though it has 200k and seems a little neglected, it drives like a dream! Steering is tight and confident, the clutch and shifter feel freakishly new, and the engine idles quiet and is pretty punchy. My plan was to get it inspectable and flip it, but my wife drove it the two hours home and was impressed by it enough that we might keep it for her commute several times a week. The reddish brown leather two-tone interior, which desperately needs cleaning, is legitimately gorgeous IMO and looks downright modern.
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