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Live Traffic updates

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Hi there! i am trying to finally use the live traffic navigation overlay on my 2015 mazda 3 (i have a free 1 year subscription to the live traffic service and maps).

What i do is:

1) Enable the wifi hotspot on my cellphone (it works with other clients connected, i tried that beforehand)

2) Enable the wifi interface on the car and connect to the wifi hotspot. Connection is succesful. I get a wifi icon with good signal and some resemblance of network activity (blinking up down arrows on the wifi icon)

3) In the navigator options, i succesfully enabled the live traffic options.

Now, when i tap on the "i" icon in the navigator window, i then tap on live traffic.

What should happen here? I don't see any green/yellow/red overlay on the streets :(

Also, when i tap on weather or fuel pricings, i get a network error with a message telling me to check my network connectivity.
But how? Everything seems fine and the phone and the car are both well connected. The phone is connected to the internet, no problems.

Is there anything i can i do to diagnose that?

Thank you all!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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