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Can anyone with a Racing Beat exhaust chime in on how long it's likely to last or what their muffler life was?

I remember reading on some first gen forums that a member's cat back had started to creep up in tone towards the rusty trombone sound after a while.

I have the 2.5 axle-back. New, it was not much louder than stock under 4k, it just dropped an octave and was nice and deep and mellow. I got it in winter though, so sometimes I didn't even know I'd made the change until windows-down weather came. Lately it seems a lot louder and "boomier," especially under load or in the 3k highway range (e.g. when passing).

If I get some time I might bolt the stocker back on just to see. I don't want some massive change into unmuffled sneaking up on me.
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