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A few days back while driving up my hilly work route, my CEL lit w/o any symptoms. Having a Scangauge hooked fulltime gave me that privilege to instantly scan out the P0171 lean code. Knowing it wasn't serious & hoping t'was a fluke or random anomaly, I cleared it & carried on. I called the dealership headtech who advised to observe the car's behavior further.
Noticed a bit of random delay upon start up & repeated P0171 apparitions. This was no fluke code. Dealership time!
Exorcism started w/ injector, throttle body cleaning; sensor checks, Air/Fuel Ratio monitoring, terminal voltage tests. Same stubborn code still pops & now w/ worsening rough idle w/c I did not have prior to the visit.....After some thorough checks courtesy of our patient & meticulous headtech, Arnel 'doc' Obaob, the demon came out of hiding...PCV hose leak due to a pinched O-ring. An isolated random fault found after around 5hrs of methodical chasing.
Car is now back to its usual awesome.:)
Just sharing for reference.:)
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