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KYB rear shock on a 2010 3

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Hi guys,

I dropped my 2010 3 hatch on eiback pro-kits 4 years ago and after enough pot-holes, I finally broke down a rear shock!

So i go to RockAuto.com and surprise, no shock available for 2010 +! A local garage told me the same thing, there's only a dealer who has it ... After some research, photo and video I have the impression thats BS. The big difference seems to be the width of the lower bushing and that ill need a longer bolt, like the one holding the camber arm...

So anyone changed his rear shock on a 2nd gen? What was the difference? what brand?

I aim KYB excel-g $ 44, i do not want to pay for Koni yellow ...

thank you
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If one shock is gone, the other is not far behind. If you dont want to pay for yellows, the STR.t line is a good value, and have decent reviews as they are made for use with lowering springs like pro kit. Plus Koni has good warranty. Those KYB's are most likely going to be shittier than OE.

And this seems to be posted in the wrong section...
Hey AD13

Yeah i realize the excel-g are pretty much the same and not made for lower spring. I just found the STR.t for 66 on Tirerack.com, interesting.

What i like more is that they are listed for a 2010, so they are saying it'll fit. The KYB aren't listed.

What's up with that ? There's way less choice for 2nd gen, what changed?
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