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Koni FSD / Racing beat installation DIY fail

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Let me first say that i'd like to thank those on this forum that took the first plunge into buying and installing these. But not only that, posting up guides for everyone else as well. Well, with all the info I found on here I purchased the Koni FSD shocks and Racing Beat springs for my 2015 Mazda 3 Hatchback GT. I've successfully installed shocks/springs on my old NC Miata before, although it was quite a frustrating experience. So I thought i'd give it a second shot, and lo and behold the first shock I work on, the front driver's side shock, the sway bar end-link hex bolt hole strips. I even soaked it in penetrating fluid the day before, and again today. But I knew this was going to be one long journey of hell, especially with 3 other shocks to do and I can't be without my car for very long. So... I will be bringing it to the mechanic sometime this week to complete the job. Hopefully they'll be able to fix this. I guess you win some and lose some?!
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How do you keep it from spinning though? lol. Our endlinks don't have a wrench pattern to use to keep it still. I think the layer of rust built up on the threads was piling up as I was loosening the nut. So eventually it go so tight it wouldn't budge and just got stuck. Then the hole stripped.

I only did springs, but the endlinks came off easily for me, did not have to use two wrenches or stop anything from turning - once i unscrewed the nut, the link came off easily once I lined everything up with the jack to relieve tension...i suspect you need to get something off i didn't, but my instructions noted the "Stop spinning" part too...possibly dumb luck on my part.

I feel your pain - it sucks when something like that stops you in your tracks. I always say that's what separates the mechanics from guys like me - i'd be stuck just like you on that - mechanics have a big back of tricks for those situations.
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