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Need some help folks...YAY or NAY...

This wing add-on is for a 2019 Corolla XSE my coworker wanted me to order for her car. Was curious on fitment for the Mazda3, so I did a test fit & surprisingly, it fits fairly well.

Mind you, it’s sitting the way it is because I have my universal duckbill spoiler back on, so it’s not sitting flush with the stock wing. Width & curvature is almost spot on between the 2 cars.

I kinda dig it. It’s something different besides the speed wing, GT wing or GV wing. Lol

& for shits & giggles...a random stock black mica Mazda3 parked next to me at Walmart. Been a while since I’ve seen a stock black Mazda3. Reminded me of where MEEkUh started to where she is now. Lmao

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