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K&N SRI and Heater

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I went and picked up my K&N SRI for my 2014 Mazda 3 and I installed it the same day. Tuesday morning I turned on the heat in my car to clear the windshield up from sitting all night and my car wouldn't blow hot air, it was blowing cool air. Something else that's strange is I'm also getting a lot more airflow from my left vent, next to my left hand, compared to the vents in the middle of the car; regardless of how high/low I have the fan blowing at.

I did the SRI installation myself and I didn't fiddle with anything aside from the crank hose and the air sensor, both of which I plugged back up. Anyone know the cause or what I could check?
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The intake shouldn't have anything to do with the HVAC system, but I could be wrong. Sounds like maybe the HVAC splitter behind the dash has malfunctioned? I think there is a couple splitters back there, one that controls hot/cold air mix, and the other two would be for driver/passenger vent mix. Im sure others with more experience will chime in shortly.
The air flow from the vents seemed to have fixed itself, so that's good. Thursday morning I turned the heat dial to max and let it blow at max for about ten to twenty minutes and the heat finally kicked in. I tried replicating that this morning but the heat never did turn on after about ten to fifteen minutes of driving, maybe I needed to wait a bit longer, who knows. Not sure if this is common with SRIs or not but it seems to have effected my heating.
I have been told that our motors do take an awfully long time to warm up in the winter but so far on colder mornings I haven't had any issues with getting heat fairly quickly, 5mins or less. Tho I do park in a garage so Im sure that helps.
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