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Too Many Projects!
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Hey everyone!

So, just wanted to make a little introductory post and introduce my first new car, a 2017 Mazda 3 Sport! I've always loved hatchbacks and was debating between this and a same year Focus ST, but the Mazda had the nicer interior and exterior styling (in my opinion at least :p )

I say this is my first new car but this is the 13th vehicle I've owned. However, this is by far the nicest one I've owned and I'm still falling in love with it. Plan to do a few mods to it, mainly the Appearance package front lip and side extensions, along with slightly lower offset 18" wheels (35-40mm), Rally Sport mud flaps and some white interior LEDs. I wouldn't mind a better exhaust tone but not too sure what I can get sound wise out of this little 2.0

I look forward to discussing Mazda stuff with my new Mazda friends on here! :laugh2:

I'll post some pictures once I get my post count up!

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Welcome zs_3! Very nice car you have. There are lots of good sound clips on YouTube that might be able to help you. Additionally, these two threads are good place to visit if you have not already read them.


Favorite Racing Beat vid:



And also consider Borla, e.g., a great sound. Here is my favorite Borla exhaust vid:


Best of luck!

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Welcome from Forney. Beautiful ride!
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