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Hey all, I just bought a used 2013 Mazda3 I Touring and am wondering what I should be concerned about, mechanically speaking. It has 89k miles, very limited rust underneath (it lived in Houston until 2017 before moving up to the rusty Midwest), and seems to run great in my limited experience with it.

My biggest questions would be:
1. How do I keep the rust off living in Minnesota? (I've never owned a vehicle newer than 2007, so I've never really been concerned about that.)

2. I thought I noticed the headlights dimming while braking, did this issue turn up in 2013s? Could be just in my head...

3. Brakes and rotors are getting old/used up. Any luck with quality aftermarket parts?

4. I've read/heard it's not great in the snow. It has 4 Nexen all-seasons right now, but two are at 5mm tread so those will be going soon. I'm leaning toward getting a set of steelies to mount winter tires on, in addition to getting new all-seasons. How necessary do you think that is?

5. Finally, any big "regular maintenance" things to check in on as it hits 90-100k miles? Trans fluid change? Wheel bearings? Spark plugs?

I'm super excited to get this car in tip-top shape and keep it there. It's by far the nicest vehicle I've ever owned. Thanks for any advice you have!
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