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JL Audio Microsub 8"

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This is my first post, so a quick intro: I have a 2015 GT (Canadian version with the 2.5 and BOSE), and live near Toronto. The forum is amazing, I got lots of good info and tweaks via the AIO!

I'm looking at adding a small sub to my 3 GT, and I have my mind set on the JL Audio Microsub, 8". This won't take much space, and they seem to have good reviews.

My question is, should I go with the sub and separate amp (CP108LG-W3v3 box with the JLJX500/1D amp), or go with the Microsub+ (ACP108LG-W3v3) version that has an integrated amp? Conceptually, I think it's better to have them separate. If something breaks on the one with the amp, I'm out $600 CAD. Plus the impedance is strange, 0.25 Ω as opposed to 4 Ω for the regular one.

Pricing is the same, power is similar 250W RMS (however the one with the amp has lower impedance).

Many thanks, I would appreciate any feedback!

I'll be using the PAC AOEM-MAZ2, which seems to be a good choice for an easy install.
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