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JBR Rear Wiper Delete

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Does anyone have this on your car?
I really like the idea of have this on during the summer months.
However i just can't have the JBR logo showing like it does.

JBR Rear Wiper Delete [SKY-WPR-DEL] - $30.65 : James Barone Racing, Aftermarket Performance
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Some people like to do the wiper delete to keep a "cleaner looking car" I suppose, but I prefer to have the rear window wiper. There's times after storms and such when I'd like to see what's going on behind me so a quick few swipes of the window gives me exactly that. However, it would look much cleaner without the wiper blade itself.

It also looks like there's a "No logo" version of it on the drop down menu beside it so you can go without a logo. It's just your call at this point. For $31 bucks shipped you can't really beat it.
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