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So to start: I have very limited knowledge of audio technology. I have replaced stock speakers to aftermarket before but in a very non-complicated fashion. I've been fairly happy with the Bose system that my 2014 GT came with. I do however get a lot of rattle from my doors and my hears seem to be more sensitive lately. I forgot I turned the base down low on the infotainment system a while back to prevent rattles. I came across this though and thought maybe I could move my sub elsewhere:

JBL BassPro SL


I like the small footprint as I frequently have items in the hatch and need the space. Overall I have been pretty happy with JBL products in the past and was wondering if anyone could chime in on getting this installed perhaps by myself. If I understand the product correctly, It comes with an amplifier already in it(?) but would need some additional audio components. From searching through some of the subwoofer add-ons by some of the members here it, it requires tapping a wire underneath the passenger seat? It isn't as simple as pulling from the back of the unit. So yeah, was just hoping to get some input on the install. Maybe an overall view of whats needed.

As always,

Thanks ahead
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