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Hey guys,

Hope this is the right place to ask this. I have a 2016 Mazda CX-5 and when I first got the car, I was aware of some of the limitations of IOS with the infotainment system but I still was able to see texts appear on my screen after I set iphone settings and all the other fixes I found. Since IOS 10 I have not been able to see texts appear. This was on infotainment firmware v56.

I do have a couple of tweaks and they are pretty minimal, background, speedometer and video player, nothing too crazy but just wanted to state that. Texting still worked even with those on IOS 9.

Now I'm on IOS 10.2, haven't had texts show up since 10, removed from bluetooth, made sure of settings and nothing. I've since updated to v59 firmware hoping that was the issue, but nothing.

I guess I find it strange I haven't seen a lot of comments on this so figured I would check to make sure it's not just me. I have searched and found a few comments on it being apple, but nothing solid.

So hey, I'll just ask ;)

PS I know you can't reply and such with IOS, but it was nice to at least quickly see message and decide if they're worth talk texting back.
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