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K, so to get the obd2 to work it's quite an extensive process unless you want to spend like $200. I have an iPhone 4S and I use DashCommand. In order to be able to do this for about $15 (cost of the Bluetooth OBDII sensor on eBay) you'll need to first JailBreak your iPad. If you have the iPad 3 on 6.0.1 you can't do it yet, but if you have something older, or you haven't updated to iOS 6.0 yet then you're in luck (jailbreak for iOS 6 on A5X chip devices should be available around Christmas).

Okay now, once it's jail broken here are the steps to follow.

1. Go into cydia and add the sources cydia.hackulo.us

2. Install installous and roqyBT4 and the roqyBT4 Bluetooth OBDII add on (you need this because apple products won't connect to bluetooth OBDII devices, only wifi ones and those are about $150).

3. Get a Bluetooth OBDII from eBay.

4. Download the app DashCommand free from installous ($50 in the app store).

5. Connect your OBDII device to your OBDII port in your car and turn your car to stage 2.

6. Open roqyBT4 and search for your device. When it connects make note of the "data port" numbers that come up when it says it's connected.

7. Now open up DashCommand and go to settings/connection/OBDII data port and enter the numbers you got from roqyBT4.

8. Now it should be connected and you can click "dashboards" in DashCommand and it'll give you all your cars info, diagnose, etc.

Note: Every time you want to use it you'll have to go in to roqyBT4 and re connect to your Bluetooth OBDII. DashCommand will automatically connect to it from now on as long as your phone is connected to it, but your phone won't automatically connect to it. If you don't know how to jailbreak, use YouTube.

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I bought this thing off Amazon for ~$30.

It's a little confusing to setup, but not bad. And i think that's because i tried doing a bunch of setup away from my car.
Plug device into OBDII port
In settings app, connect to wifi
adjust the wifi settings to the manual ip listed in the instructions
choose your app

Rev is like $40, but there's a free version. The free version doesn't show your gauge data, but it does show the gauges it can report on. Nice way to see if the app works with your hardware (it does work with the above device).
Dashcommander is $50
FuzzyLuke is $5. It seems to be the most limited, IMO, but it is also by far the cheapest of the available apps.

I did all this testing on a 12 MS3. I also have an ultragauge. The ultragauge works properly on the MS3, but has some issues on the 12 MZ3 SA...namely it didn't turn off with the car. That said, I don't know if this device has any issues with the SA or not. I had already traded it in before I got this device.
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