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Installing RB fsb or any fsb? Here is one tip

The instruction from RB is really good except step 10, picture H. The subframe did not drop after loosen/removing all the bolts as instructed, even with a pry bar :) .On the phone with RB 3 times (very nice people, always try to help) and they made several suggestions but nothing helped. I asked them if I should remove the control arm to frame bolt but they insisted I didn't need to (far right bolt in pic below). They said the ca rubber bushing should be flexible enough to let it drop. I don't know if 2017 is different or because my car is almost brand new and the rubber is still hard but it didn't even drop at all. I finally decided to loosen up the ca frame bolt a bit and checked and it started to drop. I ended up have to completely remove it (both side)

So basically on the pic from RB instruction below, I also had to remove the bolt on the far right on each side (the other 2 bolts in the pic are the rear subframe bolts).


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