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Installed Apple Carplay and now the airbag light on my dashboard blinks.

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I just installed Apple Carplay today. Carplay works just fine but now the airbag light on my dashboard blinks. I am assuming I inadvertently did something to an airbag sensor, but do not recall. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

Incidentally, I did not disconnect the negative battery cable, and because I used the dome light for so long, after I finished the installation, the battery was dead, and I had to jump start the car. I doubt this is related to the airbag issue, but just mentioning it in case anyone else is going to install it without doing so.
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I do not own anything to test the battery voltage but given that the battery is five years old, I’m assuming it needs to be replaced. Even before it went dead today, I was planning on replacing it before winter. But if there is a good chance that replacing the battery could resolve the airbag issue, I will take care of it this weekend.

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