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I stumbled across the AIO tool and the fact that you can tweak the Mazda infotainment center today. Very exciting as it has the potential to fix some of my biggest frustrations with the system. But I'm also very afraid of bricking my system.

I've had a hard time finding any recent guides for installing tweaks with the AIO tool. Most of them are at least 6-9 months old. I'm sure a lot has changed since then. So, all that said, my questions:

  • With the latest version of MZD-AIO, what's the best way (if any) to ensure my system is "backed up" in case something goes wrong?
  • What is the proper procedure to follow to be as safe as possible and avoid bricking the system/be able to restore it if necessary?
  • I have a 2014 Mazda3 with OS Version "59.00.441 NA N" installed. Has there been a good record of success with this version?
  • See the list below of tweaks I plan to install. Is this a "safe" list of tweaks that are known to be reliable?

Here are the tweaks I want to install:
- Enable WIFI (not really sure what this does but the guides I've seen have said to install it)
- SC CID (not really sure what this does either, but same deal)
- Install SSH_bringback
- Enable touchscreen while moving
- Remove disclaimer completely
- Remove the reverse camera safety warning
- Install Pause On Mute
- Disable boot animation
- Install bigger album art cover

Thanks to anyone who can help give me some peace of mind about this (or help me avoid doing something stupid).
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