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I just noticed my rear passenger inner wheel well is completely disintegrated and in pieces on my new/used MS3 with 15k (which I have owned for 4 weeks).
I know it didn't happen in the last 4 weeks.
I am wondering if the plastic Mazda uses is fragile?
It appears the previous owner kicked up a rock or something at high speed and shot the object threw the back of the wheel wall. I looked and behind it there is no damage.
Thoughts anyone?

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i got done cutting my mine up, and they are fairly resilient to bashing. the previous owner might have run over something at speed that had some size to it. the passenger side is where the gas is previous owner could have overfilled it a few times making the plastic weaker over time

honestly, if your worried about it just replace it, as long the gas lines are covered your good.
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