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Injen CAI Overall Review

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(disclaimer, I did not take any install pics)

Hi all! After doing much research and forum reading (thank you everyone). I decided to purchase the Injen CAI for my 2010 Mazda 3s 2.5. After driving on it for about 250 miles, I figured I would give a quick review for anybody else looking into getting a CAI.

After purchasing the Injen CAI through carsponsors.com (%20 discount, sweeet), I eagerly awaited the delivery at my door step like a puppy waiting for its owner to come home. Then last Monday, after coming home from a road trip, there it was. There it stood gracing me with its beautiful presence leaving my jaw to drop with awe and my feet to dance with excitement. Needless to say, I was anxious to install.

Because New England sucks weather-wise and I had to stare out the window at my car during rain, snow and slush until the clouds parted and made way for the sun to shine through this past Sunday. I zoom-zoomed over to buddies house, grasping the box tightly as though it was the planets treasure that I wasn't let get into the wrong hands.

At 9am in the morning, we began. We started with removing the stock air box (as you do). It was simple and easy.

Once it had become time to install the intake itself, we decided it would be easier to remove the bumper instead of opening up the fender liner as I have seen in another thread. And let me tell you, this was the most difficult task of the day. Because of the terrible weather the plastic tabs to separate the fender liner from the bumper had become very weathered making their removal extremely difficult. Luckily, with the might of fully grown men and the anxiousness of boys, we managed to pry them apart.

Now for the weird part. With the bumper removed we needed to slide the silicon tubing for the intake through a hole to get into the lower section behind the fog light. This hole seemed too small and the silicon tubing was distorted slightly making the pathway for air smaller. It doesn't seem to have a massive effect or hindering, just figured it was weird.

After fully installing this beautiful thing, it was time to drive and luckily I had a mini road trip planned. I picked my gf up and away we went to Northborough to get hella horns (thank god for FB marketplace). After grabbing those we scurried over to Plympton for some new wheels (FB Marketplace FTW).

On the way to Plympton there were nothing but open highways so naturally its time to go fast. And boy did I feel a difference!

The intake not only makes the engine sound 10x better but I can also feel it kick in (butt dyno) right around 3,000rpm. I'm very excited to see how this product with work in tune with a new cat-back exhaust.

I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase and encourage anyone looking for a great intake to go this route!
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Sorry for reviving an older thread.

Looking for CAI for my son's 2013 M3 2.5 auto. Injen says it "skipped" a year...likely not tested in 2013. But as far as I know the 2012 and 2013 are essentially identical.

Anyone know whether there are differences in the two MYs that would prevent the CAI from working in the 2013? Injen said for 2012, it would be same part number, ie. SP6064BLK

Any advice, or better yet, someone confirming they have fit one in a 2013 2.5l successfully would be ideal.

Thanks in advance.
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