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Injector cleaning

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I've had to have this done twice now at like $150 a job. Is this a job that anyone can do?

I feel that the stealership is cheating me on this. I know they jack prices up by like 300%+
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OP is talking about injector cleaning not valve cleaning.
But to your point, yes all direct injection cars will have problems with carbon deposits building up on the back of valves.

Toyota has come up with a system that has direct injection as well as port injection, this eliminates that carbon build up problem.

I'd like to see if anyone on the forum with the skyactiv is having any carbon build up problems yet
Toyota developed a port injector and direct injection system for the GT86, but it's got major issues with running lean at high rpms and has caused a number of engine failures on those cars. It's the right approach, but not the right application, yet.

I am surprised that more manufacturers haven't followed suit in a dual mode setup that uses a minor port injection setup to keep the intake valves wet. Higher operating temps have helped, hence BMW keeping the turbos in the vee of the their V8's, but it certainly hasn't eliminated the issue. Our cars will certainly need intake valve cleaning over time, either a chemical clean like SeaFoam into the intake path or a mechanical cleaning like walnut shells over the valves.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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