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Infotainment Upgrade - How to validate country?

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Hi Guys,

I bought my Mazda 3 last week. The old owner was an anti-techy guy, which did not seem to make any changes (whether electronic nor related to engines) and i just discovered my infotainment version is the old 30 version. I forgot to mention i bought my car here in Chile, validating the VIN to be manufactured in Mexico.
Now my question is: how do i know if my mazda should be upgraded using the NA version of the OS or the ADR version of the operating system. In case i should upgrade using the ADR, because my car was bought in South America, i'll wanted to ask if it is safe to upgrade from the old 30 verison to the new 56 version without going upgrading to in-between updates.
Can somebody enlighten me here ?

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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