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Hi all -
So, a few months ago my infotainment screen started going haywire by changing stations, settings etc. I know this is a documented issue on these forums.

My way of getting around it was to simply put it on the navigation screen (I don't have the built-in nav), and that seemed to fix the issue.

Now, when I turn on my car, the infotainment system starts to boot up per usual. Right when it starts to get to the home screen where you can choose music, phone, etc., it automatically restarts the booting process. It does this constantly, rendering the entire thing useless. I've tried to do the hard reset (back+nav+mute) to no avail :(

Is there anything else I can do, or am I stuck with going to the dealer? Just worried they're going to charge me some astronomical amount to replace the thing.

Thanks for any advice!
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