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Hi all-

I've recently had an odd glitch in the infotainment system of my 2015 3sGT hatch. I'm using Bluetooth with a Samsung Galaxy S9, on which I use the Google Messages app for texting.

Recently I noticed that some messages that I had deleted from conversations in the app were not deleted from the Mazda infotainment system the next time I re-connected via Bluetooth to the phone. They were still visible, and when I re-connected they synced back to the phone.

Has anyone else ever seen this, and what was the specific phone/app combo that you were using? I'd like to see if it happens to everyone or if it's just the way this specific combo operates.

My expected behavior is that the phone would be the "master," and the car would sync its inbox to whatever is on the phone. But it seems to be opposite sometimes. The car is keeping copies of texts in an inbox or cache, and despite deleting them from the phone, the car keeps them and sometimes syncs them back to the phone.

I don't remember this ever happening before, and I've been using this phone/app combo with the car for many months now. This morning I did a factory reset on the infotainment system, so I'll see if it keeps doing this or if it truly was an aberration.
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