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Infotainment 59.00.504 NA update

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Has anyone with a North America car updated the infotainment from 59.00.502 to 59.00.504? If so, are there any changes or fixes that you have noticed?

Being such a small numerical increase, I assume it's only tiny code changes, but one can always hope that there is a bug-fix or two (like the remaining USB music re-starts and shuffle glitches :argh:)
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I'm using a nexus 6p running with Android 8.1 and I have no issues browsing my phone through the Bluetooth option. on the Music screen with bluetooth selected, I get the option to browse and select the albums playing on my phone. The only caveat I've found for the phone to be browsable is that the Google Play Music app is the app you use to play music. When this app is open on your phone, the phone's storage drive becomes readable over bluetooth. As such my 30 gigs of music that I have for on the go on my phone is browsable by album, artist, genre and playlist and playable. As well, the scroll ability is not the fastest but if you go at a reasonable speed the phone can keep up with the scroll command and it doesn't look like it's skipping trying to maintain the data rate from phone to the car.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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