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Infotainment 59.00.504 NA update

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Has anyone with a North America car updated the infotainment from 59.00.502 to 59.00.504? If so, are there any changes or fixes that you have noticed?

Being such a small numerical increase, I assume it's only tiny code changes, but one can always hope that there is a bug-fix or two (like the remaining USB music re-starts and shuffle glitches :argh:)
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I have been on the update for a week now. The USB resume bugs are still there. The shuffle still seems to get stuck going in order. It does seem a bit better and a bit more responsive, but honestly that could just be placebo. I would rule this update as simply a compatibility update for new models. Mazda has gotten in the habit recently of doing a big update in the summer and not much else. I didn't expect this update. I am expecting a V60 or something update this summer. Hopefully with new features, but at the very least I'll take some bug fixes.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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