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Good day guys.
I may be new to you all on here because this is my 1st post. But ive been registered on this board for about 3 years and read alot of the How to's.

I'm from the caribbean and the Mazda 3 we have down here comes in two engine sizes (1.6L and 2.0L) as opposed to the 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.3 DISI that you guys get in the USA.Neither comes with OEM paddle shifters. I've had my car since 2009 and was always envious of this feature. I know this topic has been discussed extensively throughout the years.

However no success stories were ever achieved aside from one owner retrofitting rx8 paddle shifters.

So, here's what; for those who are interested in this still. I've done lot of research on this and there is no standalone OEM paddle shifter set for sale that is readily available. But get this...

The paddle shifter system was only distributed to the European, Malaysian, Japanese and Australian markets.
I have managed to get my hands on a set and will definitely be putting up a "How to" with pics of the process.

If any of you are interested in going this route. It's quite expensive but the only way to purchase the paddle shifter is to get a used one from a GT model in one the markets i mentioned above (malaysia, japan, europe, australia).

The most reliable way is searching Ebay Australia.
The GT model there is called the SP25 or SP25 Astina. So a search for "SP25 steering wheel" will give you a few nice results.
It will set you back approximately
AUS $150 [which is about 115 U$D]

There are only a few of these available because they are from totalled cars.

This to me is the only way possible to get the OEM paddle system in the 2nd gen Mazda 3. It will include the paddles, necessary circuit board and associated harness.

I'm getting mines in a few days and will keep you guys updated with the installation process and pictures.

My apologies for this very long read.:turned:

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