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Hello, I probably got the wrong category, but I have been having issues with i-stop in my 2015 Mazda 2 Genki (Aware this is a site for Mazda 3 but out of ideas currently).
Started with it turned off when I was in reverse one night and the car started back straight on (heating was on in the car).
Another time it turned off while the air condition was on and i-stop activated.
The third time I had the car idling for awhile, then put it in reverse, had to stop the car as another car was coming, think i-stop kicked in, aircon was on again and the car completely turned off and wouldn't turn on at all for over an hour.

Third time the car stalled when the aircon was on, i-stop kicked on when I was waiting at a round about and the car switched completely off again.
I have taken it to my Mazda dealership at least 3 times over this issue and they have no idea what is causing it. it happens at random around every 6 months.

Today it now has i-stop malfunction as well as battery malfunction warnings up on the dash and screen.

I am just wondering if anyone may have any ideas what has caused this or have had a similar issue?

Thanks :)


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