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I've not been browsing this forum for long, but I've read quite a lot of topics and seen a few things I want to change/add to my car.
Some topics provide answers, some give me more questions. Thats why I start this topic to (hopefully) have some questions answered.

My car is a 2014 Mazda 3 Skyactiv-G 120pk(1998cc) Sense Hatchback, MT.
The only extra I have is the SD-card for navigation.
And I'm from Belgium (the country, not the village in Illinois :p)

What I want:

1) A back-up camera.
2) Front parking sensors (+ the little button inside).
3) Enable the touchscreen while driving.
4) Locking the doors when driving faster then 30km/h, unlocking when engine off.
5) Disable (or shorten the time of) the warning/startup screen.
6) Change the order of the music source list (place USB under FM)
7) When I press unlock twice, I want to make the car sound its horn.
8) When the rain sensor detects rain, and I put my car in reverse I want the car to activate the rear wiper.


1) The problem I have with the camera is that I can't find out if it's just Plug'n'play. Or do I need to cut and re-solder some wires? I've read both in different topics...
I've checked if there was a plug available in my trunk and I found two free plugs. Each with only 2 cables.
If I don't go for the OEM camera, but for a cheaper one which do you recommend? I've seen many different models on this forum, so I have no idea which one to choose.
After connecting the camera, do I simply reboot the system?

2) Again plug and play? Which one to choose? The button on the inside(next to the seat-heating) is that available somewhere? Does it need re-soldering?
Will the sensors (both front and rear) be displayed on my screen with the camera? If not, how do I make this happen?

3-8) I'm not sure how to change these settings. I know you have to connect your car to a laptop or phone through WIFI. But I have no idea how its done.
And if I succeed in connecting, where and how do I find/edit these settings. Do I need special software? Is there a way to make a backup in case I f*ck up?

Thanks in advance!
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