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I need help on deciding which is best for me Borla, Ultimate Racing, or Corksport

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Hey everyone I've finally made the decision to finally upgrade my exhaust on my 2017 GT hatch. I've dug around forums looking at exhaust options and I've narrowed it down to 3: Borla, UR, and corksport. (all axle back)

I've looked around the forums hoping there would be more comparisons on the sound between these but either I'm not looking hard enough or not many have talked about it being compared to each other.

I'm looking for an exhaust that won't bring much of that fart can rice car sound and from what I've heard these don't sound much like it.

Now the real question is which of the 3 gives off a full sound throughout the Rev range yet gives off the deepest growl during cold start but don't want it to be obnoxiously loud where you can hear it from a block away, during normal idle and casual and hard acceleration but not having very noticeable droning? Since I'm mainly upgrading for sound

Between Borla and CS I think Borla beats it in these categories but I want to hear what the community thinks since I've never heard them in person. Sadly I couldn't find much anywhere for UR vs it's competitors so I was hoping if you guys could add some input on how it compares to Borla and CS.
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Instead of starting a new thread, I'll chime in that I'm likely going to order a Borla for my 17 GT Hatch. I'd narrowed it down to the Borla and the Magnaflow cat-back. The Borla is $150ish cheaper and uses 300 series (vice 400) stainless. I teach at a two-year college so can order the exhaust and drop it off at the shop and pay $0 for the install.
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Please provide pictures. Better yet, video with sounds at start up, idle, when you first get going, and at highway cruising speeds. Like the OP, I want something that sounds deeper but not like a coffee can ricer and without the droning at cruising speeds. I drove a lot on the highway so droning is not an option. Thanks in advance.
I'd like to say "yeah, I'll make a video" but the reality is I likely won't. I'm super busy at work and moreover don't have a proper setup for the type of video you're requesting. Who knows though? Maybe I'll be able to do it.
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