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Hi all, First post.... it's been awhile since I drove a manual transmission.
My previous car was a honda prelude ( SS), and way before that a fox body mustang.

I got a sweet deal on 2015 Mazda 3 sport with 48k miles on it, I was sick of worrying about when a auto trans will die... so I decided to go manual. Not to mention, the great gas miles reports and reviews this car received. So I purchased it ( silver metallic).

I been practicing in a local parking lot and off main roads shifting gears, which is fairly easy in this car to do.

However, I been continuing to find the "sweet spot" for the clutch to move forward and shift.. but like always I still chirp the tires and get a very tiny bit of a whip action going on.

I'd really like to solve this puzzle as fast as possible so I DONT look like a douchenozzle "trying" to chirp my tires to show off.

I just want to get in 1st gear quietly and move on.. 2nd, 3rd, etc.. have been pretty easy.. I avoid riding the clutch as much as possible.

Any specific RPM I should look for before releasing the clutch fully... or is just practice, practice, practice? I been watching many youtube videos.

Bonus Question - where is Hill assist on this car, is it a button.. or just computer controlled?

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