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hi all

i have a mazda 6 2016 with the i-eloop 2.2d engine and have had nothing but trouble.
last september the car had a engine rebuild because of a SCBS (Smart City Brake Support) warning light which ended up being a cracked head and damaged turbo this was done on a 80% warranty due to the car being out of warranty even though i had reported before the 60k had arrived but they failed to diagnose it, and they had the car for 3 months.

since then i have been getting a intermittent "i-eloop malfunction" warning light which at first could be once every couple of months to in the last 3-4 months every time i stopped

i had taken the car to the main dealer last may and they had it for the day but still could not diagnose the issue as every time the engine is turned off the light goes off, i did take it to them while teh light was still on but still no joy.

the last time i took it they did diagnose it as a faulty battery and alternator and quoted £985 to replace.

because of the price i took it to a garage that we have an account with and asked that they changed the battery first to see if that worked which it didn't and then had the alternator changed on the 28th of october which also did not work, at this point the light was virtually on all of the time

after driving more i thought i would try some belt dressing to see if the belt was slipping which did seam to make it better so i got the garage to change the belt but yet again the light was still coming on, so for one last shot before taking it back to the main dealer i had found a service bulletin on the internet and emailed it to them (attached) and asked the garage to try this.

within 10 minutes the garage rang me and asked if i could pop to the garage (just over the road) as they had found something. When i got there the mechanic showed me that the service plug for the i-eloop had been installed incorrectly (see picture attached) and had not been pushed home before the bolt had been refitted, this has obviously worked itself lose over the 11 months i have been driving it since the engine had been removed and as you can see on the picture the bolt has some arcing colouration around it and corrosion which would not of happened i 2 weeks and then the problem we had was the bold just spins and will not undo which i can only think is because it has got very hot where it has been arcing and melted the plastic around the nut at the back. which i would think is very fortunate that the car did not catch fire?

the mechanic pushed the plug back in as far as he could and i rang mazda and they booked it in for the next day. while driving until i dropped it at the mazda garage the light did not come on once.

after a couple of hours they rang me to say the plug was in the wrong place and they also could not remove the bolt, this is when i went back at them and said well you need to undo it because it is your fault the plug is in the wrong place to which they suggested that it was not there fault and was the garage that put the new alternator; as when changing the the alternator this is one of the steps you have to take and i argued back that i have had the fault for almost a year and you are trying to blame a garage that has just worked on it 2 weeks ago and this was the first time anyone has worked on the car apart from the main dealership. she then said that they do not need to remove the service plug when removing the engine; which i felt was wrong so i rang a different dealership and they confirmed that they do have to remove the plug when removing the engine.

i then spoke to the general manager of the dealer and she said that she had every confidence that there mechanic would of put the plug back in correctly and if it had been left out for almost a year something a lot more serious would of happened to the car. and would not budge on her stance and suggested i rand mazda customer support, which i did but they said its an issue between myself and the dealership but he did ring them to say they should not of asked me to ring them.

the argument went backwards and forward and the service manager said that they had been really good to me when trying to sort the fault and had not charged me for looking at it and lent me a courtesy car free of charge, which is an insult because if they had put the plug in correctly i wouldnt of need them to look at it or give me a courtesy car.

where we have ended up now is they have to change the capacitor because they cannot undo the bolt and is going to cost me £700+ for this.

what options have i got to try and recoup the cost of the works i have had carried out because of the poor workmanship that they carried out as i feel like they are not owning up to what they have done probably because the way they gave me the car back was in a very dangerous start as it could of caught fire and they do not want to admit that?

thanks in advance



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