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@BenDoyle I am having exactly the same issue and I absolutely regret buying that car. I am absolutely pissed off every time I drive it. :(

  • It sometimes jerks and jumps after shifting to second or third. Like if a person can't drive a manual in driving school and it jerks on first gear.
  • Almost all the time it "stops accelerating" and jerks a bit when shifting up.
  • When it shifts to 5th gear, a clunk/thud is felt from the engine. Like if you dump a clutch in a manual too fast and the engine moves in the mounts.
  • When you accelerate to 80 kmh, let off gas and the car starts to down shift to 4-5-6, it like "flares" or moves the car forward, like if you pressed accelerator a bit.
  • Dowshift jerking also, but that's normal for TC transmissions I think.

First visit to a dealer - Yeah we feel it, let's reflash the transmission and run adaptations and see if it's any better. No change.
Second visit to a dealer - Accepting technician nods to everything I say and show to him. Week no change. Then after some urgency, they ran all the checks, scanned for codes and told me that the car doesn't show any signs of bad transmission and that the warranty technician didn't feel anything wrong.

"The symptoms you complained about in order sheet XXXXX / non-standard behavior of the automatic transmission were properly verified by the service background, both by test driving, checking stored error messages and other initialization steps of automatic transmission parameterization. Since the aforementioned interventions did not result in the claimed defect, there are no error messages stored in the event memory in the automatic transmission sector, the claim was evaluated as unjustified."

When I drove the technician after a heated discussion in there, when it jerks, he smiles and tells me that he doesn't feel anything and that everything is normal. :)))

I think they know pretty well that the transmission is shit, but its a engine/transmission/software combo I think.

No other car I ever drove did any jerking and it shifted smoothly. Old mercs, 2003 passat tiptronic, BMW F01 transmissions, DSG passat, DSG arteon, new mercedes V, new Supra - ALL of the cars shift smoothly.
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