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My auto on button went out,Bad news.The good news is I found a wrecked Mazda and bought the module for$ 100
after a little thought I replaced it myself.the first step was getting a stereo shop to pull my CD player,no charge.Next pull glove box trim and vents.
since its an auto,i pulled the shifter back with manual disengage,use screwdriver.then pull side panels,and screws from storage box.
Then you can pull back whole center console back for access.remove 2 screws and 3 connectors on module.reverse process.
At first it did not start,my heart stopped.I think ECM was just recognizing new module.
All good now.i wonder how much $ dealer would have charged.It was just out of warranty when it went.
It took about two hours.but I went slow.
of course disconnect ground on Battery first.
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