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Howling diff

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Hey guys owner of a 2021 turbo 3 already had the diff replaced noise still came back almost immediately new diff currently has around 6000kms on it, does anyone else have any ideas what could cause the noise. Possibly the driveshaft, wheel bearing I don't feel is possible as it only happens from 119-129km/h. The whine/howl gets louder on acceleration. Makes me nervous to drive honestly as I always worry about it just breaking. Dealer was helpful at first but not much anymore at a lost of what to do I love the other just wish this could get fixed.
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definitely from the rear end? your suggestions are all possible for sure. even tires can sometimes do that... does the howl stop or lessen if you take your foot off the gas? does braking have any effect?

wheel bearing is an easy check, lift rear end and rock the tires by hand. just make sure parking brake is off.

what your dealer should be doing is putting it on a hoist. one person runs it, the other pokes around with a stethoscope. even finding nothing tell us something.
That sounds like a bearing to me. Need to get it on a hoist and find the failure with a stethoscope.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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