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My last car was the 2014 VW Golf TDI, which I've sold back to VW ("dieselgate"). I commute a lot (90 miles a day), so comfort, road noise, fun, and fuel economy were important.

After much research, I decided that the Mazda 3 was going to be my next car. Picked her up last weekend, Touring trim. It's been interesting comparing the two, the TDI def. had a bit more pep (turbo, duh) but I've been quite happy with the M3 so far.

I'm interested in installing some accessories myself like fog lights, paint protection film, and mud flaps.

I don't see a 2017 forum yet, I take it I should just post in the 2014-2016 area?


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Welcome goalie. There are several others here who "used to have" a cheating VW/Audi and just bought a Mazda 3, and am guessing more will join us soon as the buybacks are not yet over.

Glad you are having fun with yours.

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LOLz at #dieselgate Worked with a guy who refused to sell his TDI Jetta back. And refused to take it to a dealer for them to mess with the computer. He loved that car.

Welcome aboard :)
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