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HOWDY HAR HAR, i need sound quality!!!

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Hey Guys, my name is Ivan AKA SwedishLatino and i live in minneapolis.

I recently Purchased a 2017 Mazda 3 2.0 touring. Man is it slow, lol. I have always had a mazda of sorts, My last vehicle was a 2009 Volvo C30 with lots of aftermarket stuff pushing over 350 ft lbs of torque that shared the same chassis as the for focus and mazda 3 so i am a wizard removing and installing 1st gen mazda 3 suspension. a couple cars before i had a 1st gen mazda rx7 and i am the creator of the 1st gen rx7 facebook group, so if you have a wankel please join us ;)

I was looking at a honda fit before my buddy begged me to look into a mazda 3, i am so thankful he did. I am adulting now (28 years old), i have a kid with talks of a second one, no longer have time to go streetracing, and dont want to continue to dump more money into a performance car. I decided that its time to get a nice, slow car. I am in love with my vehicle from the body lines, sportiness in suspension, mileage, seats, interior quality, etc etc.

Only gripe about this car is the sound. i figure since i cant be fast i might as well sound good. so i moved over my 10" rockford fosgate sub and amp. i just picked up a pair of infiniti kappa 60CSX component speaker for the fronts, infiniti kappa 62ix for the rears, jbl gx302 for those weird front things.

I will be using a Alpine power pack to hold me over till i can purchase a nice amplifier since the speakers i will be putting in are all rated at 2 ohms.

The thing with the Kappa 60CSX is that in the crossover i can make it a 3 component speaker system.
the tweeters im going to be mounting be the 6.5 woofers in the door(as pictured below with the pink dots).
I was thinking of using those weird 3.5" speakers in the dash as the 3rd part of my component speakers.

what are your thoughts doing this? i have found anyone that has done this so i just wanted to double check and i look forward to meeting all yall


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